The Girl Called Rachel

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Is the new Lenscrafters clearance sale commercial suggesting there are pilots who  fly planes with incorrect eyeglass perscriptions, or just unfashionable frames? Because I’ve been alerted to so much eye-opening transportation information (i.e. the frequency of subway deaths, chances of pilots falling asleep mid-flight, long-haul truck drivers using computers while they’re driving and plunging into lakes) that I feel nervous to travel at all.

My dad is flying to Egypt tonight, so let’s think happy thoughts for that 10 hour ride.


Youtube Revisited

When’s the last time I looked at my youtube favorites? These are videos I pretty much know intimately, I have watched them so many times. And now I’m seeing them like it’s the first time.

Are there people in real life who kiss strangers in a moment of spontaneous passion? Like you are so overwhelmed with the need to celebrate,you grab the most attractive person in a close proximity, if not whoever is standing right next to you. That just doesn’t happen. That’s on par with the the slow-clap. The only time you do a slow clap is to mock the slow clap.

I heard no one uses mistletoe anymore… I feel like that’s a nice tradition gone by the wayside. But maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve never been trapped underneath it and forced to kiss an undesirable. Maybe I’m romanticizing the situation…

He will occupy a building built by slaves. Wow. It’s almost here. Change.

It is 12:04 in the morning.

In 24 hours, it will be Barack Obama’s inauguration day.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

I got my ears pierced 15 years ago today.

It must be so sad to lose your parents (or doting grandmother) before you become President of the United States, let alone the first ever black President.

So, since we will be swimming in national cheer for the next few days, let me leave you with one of my favorite youtube videos, and celebrate my favorite country for two minutes…

(see how this came full circle?)