The Girl Called Rachel

Maybe this movie is honestly not as worthless as I was led to believe…

I think I’m doing this because I always think a lot of things while watching tv, but I rarely remember them after the screen is off. So let’s give these thoughts a voice, because I’m sure they are not lesser in any way just because they are inspired by something as trivial as Failure to Launch on TNT. They are still real, valid thoughts. Not all of them are groundbreaking, some are absolutely banal and only appropriate to me.

Idea!! I should advertise on my windows to gain viewership. Or would I have to have to have permission of my landlord? Because legally it is his property that is endorsing the product.

Failure to Launch actually has some funny bits. I don’t think they got the credit for it. Zooey Deschanel is so quirky and amazing.

I would love to create a portrait of Zooey, in profile, in her Waldo shirt, in a shooting stance. It could be, like, the present day Rosie the Riveter.

“From a fiduciary standpoint, would you say that you had an orgasm?” Ah, the woman makes me laugh…

I think Julia would really, really like Kit as a kind of an icon. Her general style, humor, snarkiness, cynicism, liquid eye liner, Champagne Thursdays, etc.

The lighting is great in this movie. Patton Oswald has never had better skin.

There’s good music too. Especially the strings in the aquarium scene.

God, remember the horrendous music in Baby Mama? That really really distracted from the movie. And that should have been great with Tina and Amy. They are so perfect together because of their real friendship. But the music made it so melodramatic it was sickening.

By the way, speaking of Zooey and music, ya’ll should listen to She & Him. I really like them and you should too.

Can you see the snow through my dirty windows?
Can you see the snow through my dirty windows?

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