The Girl Called Rachel

It is still happening!

Let’s see… 5 hours after the commotion began, people are still slamming into the door! What kind of repair is happening?

Oh, they are leaving.

I feel like something bad has happened. Something I will be involved in.

5 Hour Energy commercials are fucking creepy. They are racecar drivers slinging sugarfree cocaine juice! That’s one demographic that doesn’t need the jolt.

“Make sure you shake before drinking, it brings the berry taste and aroma out better.”

-as seen in a product review

Is it just me or is there something gross about that…

Am I going to go outside and his whole wall is gone and the hall is wrapped in plastic? Is he going to be sitting outside the door all night to prevent from being looted?

Now I’m nervous to ever go out there. If it really was a big deal it will be obvious that I was in here the whole time. People are laughing and talking. Maybe it’s a comradery-boosting event that I am isolating myself from. Not really planned or orderly, just an organic behaviour and response to spontaneous tension.

Like the rescue of the plane in the Hudson. That is such an outstanding story, and I wish I could post the segment of The Rachel Maddow Show yesterday where she extolls the virtues of  our nation’s rescue systems. That was a good thing for her to say.

God, this morning I thought someone was breaking down my door, it was such a ruckus.

I wish I had one of those cameras I could slide under the door.

Ok. I’m going out. What will I find?

………………………………………………………….Nothing! The scuff marks on the wall have always been there. No footprints, no splinters, no sawdust.


What has been happening? Here’s what I’ve been doing all day: Whispering, tiptoeing, trying to muffle the sound of my microwave door closing, and squatting at the door to hear fragments of conversations.

This all really happened, I swear! I said to Julia that I felt schizophrenic earlier, and my Mom thinks I’m a nut, but even she heard people outside! I called her and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

But what am I going to see later?

Something happened somewhere. . .

Found in my Thai left-overs

Found in my Thai left-overs

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